American Transplant Congress Philadelphia 2011

April 30, 2011 - May 03, 2011 Philadelphia Convention Center

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  • Create a time line.
  • Note all services' deadlines including "early bird" rates.
  • Explore the Official General Service Contractor (decorator) freight options, material handling and labor rules.
  • Match actual weight and shipping guidelines with minimum weight charges to maximize your shipping expenses.
  • Ship at least two weeks before closing deadlines. Obtain confirmation that your shipment was received without exterior damage.
  • Create a full inventory of booth property and supplies including quantities, sources and contact information to obtain supplies.
  • Establish staging areas carefully to avoid moving objects twice, and accessible storage areas to replenish booth stock levels efficiently.
  • Plan for and conduct a pre-event meeting with set up and dismantle personnel, reviewing the schedule of events and steps of erecting and tearing down all booth property in preparation for shipping.
  • Create a folder and bring the contents to the venue including booth property building material specifications, fire retardant certificates, bottled gas labels,
  • Learn union rules as they differ from city to city.
  • Choose representatives for your booth that are experienced with good communication and problem-solving technique.
  • Plan pre-event and on-site booth personnel training.
  • Know your complete event schedule, especially set up and tear down before exploring your travel and hotel accommodations.
  • Point your browser to this address to obtain the latest in all aspects of exhibiting at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.